Monday, March 31, 2008

The Seattle Moisture Festival

Over the weekend we attended The Seattle Moisture
Festival, a Vaudeville style Chautauqua that comes
to town for three weeks per year.

Briefly, a Chautauqua is a community-based, cultural and
social movement that started in the 1870's and flourished
in America until the mid 1920's. Think circus but without
animals. Jugglers, singers, performance artists, aerialists...

It was RAD to be entertained by people rather than computer
generated, advertising laced, poorly written garbage.

Learn more here and go out of your way to see something

As Teddy Roosevelt put it, Chautaquas are "the most American
thing in America."

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Spring's Popping in Seattle

The cherry trees at the University of WA are in
full bloom.

Seems they were more pink in hue in the past, but
they're still beautiful.

The neighborhood Euphorbias are really vibrant this
year too. Pretty amazing colors for something found
just outside the door.

Friday, March 28, 2008

RIP Panama Red

Changing it all up with a ton of help from my buddy
Jake. The springer shock is out of there and even
though every time I talk with the guy in the video
below I tell him the headlight will stay high, it'll probably
come down. Image above by Good Luck Gary

The Bundy Bug

My buddy Josh's mom went on a date with Ted
and rode in The Bundy Bug while old Ted was up
to no good in Utah. He had quite a go at it here in
Washington at the UW and Evergreen State College.
Luckily for Josh's mom, Ted didn't like the color of
her hair and there was never a second date.

They'd Probably Eat Your Face

SYDNEY: A survey of New Zealand's Antarctic territory
has unearthed novel marine creatures living in the icy depths
of the Ross Sea. The haul of 30,000 specimens includes giant
starfish half a metre across, and weird predatory sea squirts.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

This Would Push the Neighbors Over the Edge

Between the bikes, lowriders, late night metal
fabrication get-togethers, cranked up to 11
disagreement solving sessions, and cherrubic
children, our neighbors love us. A little bovine
friend could be the straw that breaks that camel's
already weak back. I'm saving my lunch change
from here on out for one of these little guys. I'll
name him Bullshit. After a long, hard day at work,
a certain amount of solace will be taken in walking
around the neighborhood searching for man's
upgraded new best friend shouting that sweet,
sweet name.

I've Always Looked Up to Him

Popeye is a good man. He treats his family and friends well and
stands up for what he believes in. When I was a kid and my oldest
sister was mean to me I would hit the spinach just like
my idol here. I don't think I ever really Popeye'd her, but I could
have and I'm convinced she knew it all along from the way
I would beat up my bedroom door after a spinach bender.

The Mushroom House

Architect James H. Johnson's Rochester, NY architectural
masterpiece The Pod House, affectionately referred to by
normal folk as The Mushroom House. I went to college in
Rochester and was always fascinated by it. I had a habit of
being 20 minutes late for any engagement remotely close
to the place.

Monday, March 24, 2008


Deep in the heart of Puyallup, WA there's a little
hot rod shop turning out historical recreations of
years gone by. Whether it be art, design, cars,
architecture, or food, simple is always best.

Marshall likes cigarettes and vice-versa

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Spare Change?

I'd give this guy my spare change, no questions asked.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Where's your head at?

Trust fund sucking, responsibility
ducking, trend humping, parking
bumping, lemming following, mall